Hotel Islazul Las Tunas Cuba


Hotel Islazul Las Tunas is a nicely managed 3 star hotel with 142 rooms located right in the center of town in downtown Las Tunas. While quite basic the hotel offers adequate comfort, privacy and overall great service for its lowly price range. Hotel Islazul Las Tunas has a lively lobby bar, where you will find a variety of drinks and our entertaining barmen. The pool is open from 9:00 a.m. so guests can escape from the humid temperatures in Las Tunas and freshen up.


Hotel Islazul Las Tunas is also the main rent a car office in Las Tunas but guests are advised to book in advance due to vehicle shortages. Hotel Islazul Las Tunas has an excellent hairdresser and barber’s shop, medical center, and an onsite restaurant serving Italian cuisine including pizza and pasta.

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