About Las Tunas Cuba

Las Tunas Cuba

The City’s true name is Victoria de Las Tunas however, you’ll never hear a Cuban saying anything other than simply “Las Tunas”, or even just Tuna. The word Tuna means Danube in Turkish and some unofficial suggestions assume that there may have been some Turkish influence in the city. The City of Las Tunas was founded in the 1750s, but was never more than a rickety marketplace town until Las Tunas was declared a province in 1975 and therefore needed a provincial capital.

Las Tunas Center

Tourists visiting Cuba could be forgiven for not noticing this small, predominantly agricultural province while on their way to the bigger cities of Camaguey, Holguin or Bayamo. In fact only about 65 km (40 miles) of the central Cuban highway road actually passes through it. In contrast, the provincial capital makes an excellent stopover city while traversing Cuba.

Covarrubias Beach Las Tunas

Visitors are drawn to the beaches of the jagged northern coast, indented by three impressive bays. The province of Las Tunas boasts 35 virgin and largely unused beaches, of which only one called Playa Covarrubias has been fully exploited for tourism. Playa Covarrubias is known for its fine white sand and supreme coastal protection by a 3km coral reef. The Brisas Covarrubias Resort has become the mainstay for tourism in Las Tunas and the Covarrubias beach is set to host 2 other all inclusive hotels before 2018.